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P.I.S.I.E., fortified by the contribution and the international experiences coming from European, African, American and Asiatic countries, is responsible for the accompanying and education to development of industrial sector in the developing countries, with a strong specialization in the leather supply chain, from row materials to finished products, including the production of intermediate goods, alternative produces having the same function of leather products and induced relative, in the footwear supply chain, and in the textile supply chain, machines and technologies for the development of this sector.

The key elements of the educational activity are defined on the basis of the social dynamics created by the entrepreneurial action in the developing countries.  In areas poor in infrastructures, that have seen the decline of big companies planned for a constant growth, the endogenous capacity to create an enterprise in the informal sector is relevant, as well as the outsourcing of the production of the industrialized countries.  The development upgrading through the respect for the environment, both natural and human, is fundamental.  The development politics are facing the huge gap between North and South of the world, the debt-trap for the Southern countries leading to an inconsiderate exploitation of the natural resources and the reproposition of slavery, especially for children, the destruction of the ecosystems and the threats that the pollution represents for the survival of the planet, the lack of public services supporting the enterprise and the workers, in absence of systems for the social protection.